Why Turkey for Hair Transplant Procedures

You might be asking, ‘what’s the benefits of traveling for hair transplantation?’

The answer is simple: cost, cost, cost.

We will answer all your questions, rest your curiosities and lay out the benefits of traveling to Turkey for hair restoration treatment right now…

There are several factors that pushed Turkey to be a pioneering destination for hair loss procedures.

  • Technologically advanced facilities: Turkey hair transplant centers are designed to maximize patient comfort while utilizing the latest technology in hair restoration procedures.
  • Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey operate in state-of-the-art medical centers to ensure patients receive the best hair restoration methods and patient care available in Europe.
  • The medically proven hair replacement techniques used by Turkey hair loss specialists achieve safe and excellent results.
  • The affordable cost of hair transplants in Turkey: combining quality service with low cost medical care is not an easy endeavor. Hair restoration practice in Turkey has the unique capacity to strike a fine balance between low cost and high quality service.

The combination of non-invasive techniques, surgical artistry and well-trained medical staff of hair transplant clinics in Istanbul put a cut above the rest of hair restoration destinations and provide a sense of reassurance to patients they will receive a safe treatment.

Another cause of concern is how natural hair transplants will look. Many patients are concerned if hair transplants will look artificial and detectable to people around them.

The natural pattern to the treatment of hair loss in Turkey allow for less scarring, undetectable results and an improved self-confidence.

Pioneering Techniques for Treating Hair Loss in Turkey

Hair transplant techniques employed in Turkey have been refined and streamlined to allow for greater densities and a more comprehensive coverage in one session and to eliminate the need for further procedures.

Turkey hair loss specialists contribute to the field of hair restoration through continual refinements to techniques; which have set a higher standard for the hair transplant industry in Europe and the Middle East.

They understand the importance of having an artistic approach to their hair transplant treatment with all elements of advanced methods including FUE Turkey and FUT Turkey. Hair restoration experts of Turkey incorporate this philosophy into every procedure.

Follicular unit transplant Turkey (FUT) is one of the most popular treatment techniques in hair transplant practice, widely considered to be the most effective method of hair transplantation.

Hair replacement surgeons use the most up-to-date technology available in Turkey to produce the most natural-looking results.

FUE Turkey is a new hair transplant technology in which individual hair follicles are transplanted to a thinning or balding area from a donor site, an area of fuller, denser hair growth usually located on the back or side of the head. Hair surgeons use micro punches to remove individual follicles.

Hair transplant doctors can help you determine which method best suits you and if a combination of FUE and FUT in Turkey will give you the results you desire.

Another astonishing aspect of traveling for hair transplant in Turkey is reduced cost. Medical care in Turkey is distinguished for high quality medical service and low cost.

The cost of hair transplants in Turkey allow patients to make substantial savings—an average of 75-80 percent, compared to prices in Europe and the US.

See Turkey Through a Local’s Eyes

Old meets new, liberal meets conservative Istanbul is a city of contrasts with so much to see and offer. With a hint of Europe and rich Eastern cultural heritage, the city of Istanbul, modern and old, sits at cosmopolitan crossroads of Europe and Asia.

One of the most overlooked sights to see in Istanbul is Dolmabahce: an ornate, sumptuous palace built in mid-19th century by Sultan Abdulmecit I, stretching for 600 m along the European shore of Bosphorus.

The elaborate reception salon features 56 columns and four and a half ton crystal chandelier with 750 lights, never fails to make your eyes pop.

The palace features an extravagant creation of 285 rooms, four grand salons, six galleries, five main staircases, six hamams and 43 toilets.

The palace also has a grand glittering selection of Baccarat, Bohemian and English crystal as well as Venetian glass which as used in the construction of walls, roofs and even a crystal piano.  Tours to the palace and harem can accommodate 1,500 visitors per day per section.

Tours start every 15 minutes and last 1 hour for the Selamlik and around 45 minutes for the Harem. If you are tight on time, choose the Selamlik.

Also worth a visit: Dolmabahce Mosque which is located steps away south of Dolmabahce Palace, on the coast and considered one of the elaborately-designed mosques, known for its rich Baroque style.

Dolmabahce Palace Address:

Dolmabahce Road. 80680, Dolmabahce-Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 258 55 44

Open every day except Monday and Thursday.

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