Unnatural Hairlines

Reversing unnatural hair transplant results of the older plugs and unsightly scarring requires finesse and accurate assessment of the problem area and the remaining donor supply.

Camouflaging unnatural outcome is an excellent hair transplant repair method in Turkey where small follicular units are implanted in front of the larger grafts to hide them and to enhance their appearance by achieving more softer and natural hairlines.

The only downside to this hair transplant correction technique is that it cannot correct hair lines that have been implanted too low on the forehead.

That’s why choosing the correct restorative strategy is critical as the wrong method can make the situation worse. Hair restoration specialists in Turkey are well-versed in all hair transplant repair procedures to undo any unpleasant results and yield the most natural appearance.

Large plugs can also be eliminated, dissected microscopically into individual follicular units and implanted back into the scalp in a pattern which is much more natural in appearance. Raised scars can often be excised with cortisone injections. These injections can help ease inflammation present in a raised scar.