Scar Revision

Although innovative cosmetic technology has contributed to producing the least invasive techniques, some hair transplant patients are still left with permanent scarring following their procedure.¬†Other patients experience thin and wiry hair–which does little to hide the scarring.

Scarring is a natural process of the skin function to close and heal the open wound by regenerating new skin tissues bounded by collagen fibers.

Sadly, the human body is not capable of reproducing the exact characteristic of the damaged skin. Scars are thicker and firmer than the skin and also lack follicles; hence very noticeable in hair areas such as the scalp.

One of the most successfully efficient repair techniques for hair transplants in Turkey is FUE.

During the scar revision procedure, hair transplant surgeons will extract hair from around the area of the linear scar and then placed directly into it.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) in Istanbul is also used with patients who have a line scar but wish to wear the hair in the back very short. In this instance, the grafts removed through direct extraction to camouflage the original linear scar.