Repairs for Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures are inventive cosmetic restorative treatments designed to correct hair loss; which, over the years, produced natural and satisfactory results for men and women.

Like any medical surgery, outdated treatment techniques, improper planning and limited technical expertise can lead to “surgery gone wrong” results. Among the most common outdated methods include plug-procedures, mini-grafts or scalp reductions.
Recent advanced in hair aesthetic technology conferred hair replacement surgeons in Turkey the capacity to effectively correct for poorly performed hair transplants. Turkey technological techniques have improved dramatically to repair damage resulted from outdated hair restoration surgeries.

Good Candidates for Hair Transplant Repair Turkey

Lack of medical expertise, improperly executed hair transplants can be manifested in the following results:
  • Large grafts
  • Too broad hairline
  • Asymmetry
  • Scarring in the recipient area
  • Donor area scarring
  • Misaligned hairlines
  • Hair wastage
Before correcting for a gone-wrong hair transplant surgery, it is pivotal to first lay the ground work for the correction procedure. Patients must clearly express his or her concerns, priorities and discuss how the surgeon will administer each of these issues.
Setting priorities of repair hair transplant in Turkey is an important step to maximize patient satisfaction and achieve the best esthetic outcome.
Hair transplant repair procedures in Turkey encompass scar revision, correcting unnatural hairlines and reversing facelift scars.