Cost of FUT in Turkey

The cost of FUT varies from hair transplant destination to the other. The cost of follicular unit transplantation can be increasingly inflated in many countries because of the technology involved and the fact that hair restoration treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure.

That being said, cosmetic procedures in US are excluded from medical insurance plans.
The cost of grafts harvested in follicular unit transplant depends on many factors: the hair transplant destination, the type of technology involved and the clinic.
Prices of hair transplant also depend on the amount of hair the patient needs transplanted. In the UK, for example, patients are expected to pay between USD 3.9- USD 4.7 per hair, with a cost averaging at USD 14,000.
However combining high-technology with low cost is not a difficult quest. Follicular unit transplant Turkey can allow you to save substantially while undergoing a safe hair transplant procedure.
FUT fees in Turkey are not calculated on a per-unit basis like US and UK clinics. The overall cost of follicular unit transplant in Turkey is typically estimated per session, where the surgeon can transplant from 3,000 to 3,500 grafts.
FUT Turkey is cheaper than the cost of FUE Turkey. Many patients choose FUT hair transplant method in Turkey to receive coverage of large area transplanted and get the best bang for their buck.
FUT is one of the most cost-effective hair restoration techniques in Turkey because it involves less number of incisions on the scalp. A single strip can be employed to implant a large number of grafts in less time and less cost.