Cost of FUE in Turkey

Follicular unit extraction hair transplant is considered one of the most costly procedures in the UK and the US due to the painstaking attention required from the hair transplant surgeon and time-consuming effort exerted.

Moreover, FUE requires the involvement of more staff members which add up to the overall cost of the treatment.
Luckily, Turkey presents hair transplant patients an offer they cannot refuse. The cost of FUE hair transplant surgery in Turkey is significantly cheaper than in many countries, particularly Europe and the US.
The lower-cost of living, low wages and cheaper overhead expenses allow hair transplant Istanbul to be an appealing option for numerous hair loss patients.
The cost of hair transplants Turkey is an affordable alternative to patients looking for a value-for-money proposition combined with quality service.
Turkey’s sheer beauty, vibrant atmosphere and affordable medical care continue to allure hair transplant tourists all-year-round.