Aftercare for FUE

Turkey’s sophisticated and progressive approach to follicular unit extraction allows patients to wear their hair short without detectible scars.

New hair transplant technology in Turkey clinics enable hair replacement experts make the scar much less visible than previous methods of suturing scars.
Your assigned hair transplant doctor will provide you with all the after-care instructions of follicular unit extraction in Turkey, including special wash and ointments.
Some restrictions on physical activity may be advised post your FUE treatment in Turkey.
The doctor will specify after-care Instructions, including special wash and ointments. Slight swelling of treated areas is a common reaction and subsides with first couple of days.
You may experience major hair amount of graft dropping but it is common. New hair grows out in 2-3 months and this time they will not fall out.
Avoid being in direct sun light at least one month from the date of your procedure. Make sure you wear airy cap or straw-hat if you have to stay out in the sun for a long period of time.
What distinguishes this technique from FUT Turkey is minimal downtime and non-invasive techniques used during procedure.