FUE in Turkey


What is Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is an undetectable technique designed to produce natural hairlines and excellent coverage in the least invasive manner possible.

Follicular Unit extraction method in Turkey enables the hair transplant surgeon to remove a single hair follicle from the donor area. It is one of the least invasive methods in hair transplant procedures which obviates the need for a linear donor incision.
FUE in Turkey can serve as advantageous alternative to traditional follicular unit transplant (FUT) hair restoration technique in certain patients. Using the FUE method, the hair transplant surgeon will be able to remove a single hair follicle from the donor area.
The follicular unit extraction donor area exists at either the back or side of the head depending on the healthiest site where the most hair follicles are.
The individual follicles that are taken from the donor site are transplanted into a puncture hole in the patient’s balding or thinning area. Turkey follicular unit extraction method allows hair restoration experts to provide a natural hair growth pattern to the appearance of the hair transplant.
Ideal patients for follicular unit extraction hair restoration technique are individuals with very low donor or very tight scalps.
Patients with limited hair loss area or those who wish to camouflage traumatic scars are also good candidates for FUE in Turkey.

Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction Turkey

  • Minimally invasive
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less painful
  • Treating widened scars left by strip surgeries
  • Ability to harvest more follicles
  • No donor limitations due to scalp laxity
  • Selection of follicles is enhanced. Hair transplant surgeons can specifically choose the follicles needed depending on where these follicles are going to be grafted
  • Provides patient the freedom to wear their hair short with no smiley line in the back noticeable, no strip scar detectable
  • Patient can wear their hair short with no unsightly line in the back noticeable from afar, no strip scar