Hair Loss in Men


Hair loss in men is fact of life. Some have to deal with it at some point their lives; others enjoy a head of natural thick hair. While men in some cultures take pride in their hairless pate; others are overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, unattractiveness and denial.

Nonetheless hair loss is one of the most common problems in men. Contrary to popular belief, most hair loss conditions are not associated with poor diet or internal disease.
Male hair loss occurs as a result of predetermined genetic factors, family history or part of a natural aging process.
As men approach their forties; they may start to experience a mild thinning of hair.
External factors related to lifestyle and other variations including temporary severe stress, hormonal changes, puberty can take a toll on men’s head.
Several health conditions, including thyroid disease and iron deficiency anemia, are some of the health-related causes of hair loss. Hair transplant Turkey experts are recognized for their knowledge and distinguished skills to deal with all types of male hair loss such as male pattern hair loss and female hair loss.
Male pattern baldness, or Androgenetic Alopecia is a condition occurs in men whose hair follicles are sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Over time, DHT-sensitive hair wanes and ceases growing.
However, even men who have developed advanced hair loss still have healthy hair follicles around the sides of the head that lasts a lifetime.
Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can treat a wide variety of hair loss conditions in men.
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