Hair Loss


Don’t lose your head to hair loss! Hair transplantation in Turkey is here to help. Hair restoration surgery in Turkey offers a permanent, viable solution to hair loss, thinning hair and other types of hair loss disorders.

Hair loss is not just a physical problem. It can also have a profound psychological impact on hair loss patients. The impact of hair loss may be greater on women but hair loss in men should not be underestimated.

Hair loss can result in social anxiety, low self-esteem, withdrawal and depression. Common questions and concerns include, ‘Will I look older than I am?’, ‘Will I still be attractive to others?’

These are all legitimate concerns caused by feelings of anxiety, poor self-image and panic at the prospect of hair loss.

As hair transplant surgery achieves dramatic results and drastic improvement in one’s appearance, it is not surprising why many men and women today opt for hair restoration surgery to regain their hair growth and confidence.

Hair restoration surgery in Turkey can dramatically transform many aspects of a patient’s life and can potentially reverse social problems associated with hair loss.

In the early stages of hair loss, patients may be more self conscious; especially the ones who enjoy an active social lifestyle are more susceptible to depression and negative effects of balding.

Many patients who underwent hair transplant surgery in Istanbul now seem to have a positive outlook on life and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Hair transplant treatments in Turkey afford a life-altering experience for patients suffering from hair loss or other hair-related problems. Not only will hair transplant Turkey leave you with natural-looking, fuller hair; it will also help you restore your self confidence.

Hair transplant clinics offer expert advice to reverse hair loss and enrich your head with a natural bundle of fibers.

The level of technology, skill and know-how allow hair transplant specialists in Turkey to transplant up to 4,000 grafts in one session using either FUE Turkey or FUT.

Follicular unit transplant in Turkey can treat a much larger surface area and provide a more dense coverage than a smaller sized procedure would.

Comprehensively natural, life-long hair restoration surgeries are now available in Turkish hair transplant clinics with the development of state-of-the-art treatment techniques.

In addition to cosmetic surgery experience, the artistic ability of hair transplant surgeons is an important ingredient in Turkey’s secret recipe to hair restoration success.

Get preview of hair transplantation surgery Turkey before and after photo gallery to see what hair restoration experts can do for you.