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Hair Transplant Turkey

Restore hair, Renew youth in Turkey

  • Best Hair Transplant Surgeons - Affordable Prices

    • FUE costs at 60% savings compared to the UK.
    • English speaking hair transplant surgeons and staff.
    • Modern & impressive medical facilities with ISHRS accreditations.
    • Combine your travels to Turkey with hair transplantation.

Our clinic in Istanbul is a satate-of-Art boutique style with english speaking staff and accredited by

In just a few days, hair transplant surgeons in Turkey will transform your appearance, self-confidence and your life. Experience a whole new you with the help of ISHRS Accredited hair restoration specialists —for an affordable cost.

  1.  Short stay in Istanbul and substantial savings (up to 60 percent)
  2.  State-of-the-art hair transplant centers in the heart of Istanbul
  3.  Hair transplant surgeons speak your language (Turkish, English, Arabic, German, French)
  4.  Follicular unit extraction available – 3500 grafts  
  5.  FREE Pickups from airport to hotel and clinic in total comfort and convenience
  6.  Hotel reservations in 3, 4, and 5-star hotels near the clinic
  7.  See Istanbul through a local’s eyes with our sightseeing tours


Hair Transplant Treatment Plan in Turkey

Take advantage of our Elite Hair Restoration Treatment Package (package includes — all airport-hotel-clinic transfers, 2 night hotel stay (4-star hotel), all consultations, hair transplant surgery, translators, medicine kit after surgery, and all of your post-op appointments.)

Treatment Plan

First Day:

  1. Transfer from the airport to your hotel. (We can recommend 3, 4 & 5 star accommodation.)

Second Day:

  1. 08:00:  Transfer from hotel to Clinic
  2. 08:30:  Pre-Op Consultation
  3. 09:00:  Surgery
  4. 17:30:  Post Op Consultation
  5. 18:00:  Transfer from Clinic to Hotel

Third Day:

  1. 10:00 Transfer from hotel to Clinic
  2. 10:30 Hair Washing Training
  3. 11:00 Transfer from Clinic to Hotel or Airport


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Specialists

Hair transplantation Turkey clinics specialize in follicular unit extraction FUE, one of the most advanced hair restoration methods in Istanbul. FUE Turkey is an inventive technique that allows you to keep your donor hair short with no apparent scar.

Undergoing follicular unit transplant in Istanbul; you can shave your head off or wear your hair short the way you want it without visible or unsightly scars.     

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